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Diagnostic Sets

DP1816 - Diagnostic set

Standard Features:

  • Otoscope Head: Pin contacting fitting, Chrome plated. Fixed lens 4x in plastic mount may be removed for introductions of instruments.
  • Reusable specula: (2.5, 3.5 and 4.5mm) included.
  • Deluxe Opthalmoscope head: Pin contact fitting. lens selection wheel permits choice of corrective lenses from 0 to -25 and 0 to +40 diopters single large circle aperture.
  • Bent-arm illuminator: Tongue blade holder : Plastic nasal speculum: Chrome plated two laryngeal mirrors: Number 3 and 4 Battery Handle: Chrome plated. Rheostat for adjustment of illumination
  • Require: 2x C size batteries, replacement bulb 2.5V
  • Supply: Soft case or black plastic case.

DP1832 - Diagnostic Set

Standard Features:

  • 1 Otoscope head, 3 reusable metal aural specula of 2.4, 3.2 and 4mm
  • 1 Ophthalmoscope head, 24 diopter compensation lens
  • Nasal speculum expandable, bend arm illuminator, 2 Laryngeal mirrors No. 3 & 4, tongue blade holder, replacement lamp, packed in hard protective ABS case.

DP1836 - Otoscope Cum Opthalmoscope Set


  • Fiberoptics for cool, obstruction free light transmission
  • Magnification:2.5x, Distal dia:2.5mm,4mm
  • Bulb: 2.5V 1.6W halogen lamp
  • Batteries: Two "AA" batteries or two "AA" NiMH rechargeable battery (not included)


  • Features: Halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. Apertures: large and small spot, semi-circle, and red-free filter,
  • Correcting lenses range: +in 1D steps
    |1-4|6|8|10|15|20|0 & -in 1D steps |1-4|6|8|10|15|20
  • Bulb:2.5V 1.6W Halogen Lamp

DP12a - Wooden Tongue Depressor
Item Code Type  
DP12s Wooden Tongue Depressor, Sterile DP12s - Wooden Tongue Depressor

DP60 - Tongue Depressor, Stainless Steel

Standard Features:

  • Tongue Depressor, Stainless Steel

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