Baby Weighing Scales

WS552 - Digital Baby Scale

Standard Features:

  • Large LCD Display
  • Max. Capacity : 20 Kg., Graduation : 5 gm.
  • Tare weight function : Hold function for recording weight.
  • Automatic switch off, Battery included

WS590 - Baby Weighing Scales (PAN TYPE) WITH PLASTIC PAN
Item Code Capacity
WS590 10 Kg. x 50 Gms.
WS592 20 Kg. x 50 Gms.

WS2002 - Infant Weighing Scale - Beam Type
  • Beam type (mechanical) scale for infants, 16 kg x 10 gm.
Technical Specifications:
  • Measuring range up to approx 16 kg
  • Minimum graduation, 10 gm.
  • Readout in kg only.
  • Easy readable in low light working situations
  • Reading time max 15 seconds
  • Includes removable tray for infant
  • With easy zero adjustment possibility
  • Design allows rough handling
  • Smooth surface/finishing allows for easy cleaning/disinfection.
  • All vital parts made of rust proof materials
  • Easy maintenance and repair in low tech settings
  • Splash proof and shock resistant light-weight body
  • Materials; body, metal (white baked enamel) or plastic
  • Sturdy design allows heavy duty use.
Item Code Capacity
WS2002 16 Kg x 10 gm.
WS2004 20 Kg x 10 gm.

WS2008 - Weighing Scale with Hammock

Standard Features:

  • Weighing Scale
  • Nylon body
  • Color coded with Hammock
  • Capacity: 5 Kg x 100 gms.
Item Code Technical Specifications
WS2009 Hammock only

WS032 - Baby Weighing Scale - Salter Type (Dial)

Standard Features:

  • With two stainless steel suspension hooks & adjustment screw
Item Code Capacity Material
WS032 25 Kg. x 100 gm ABS Plastic Body
WS037 25 Kg. x 100 gm Metal Body
WS039 50 Kg. x 200 gm Metal Body

Optional : Weighing trouser - WS035 (Order separately).

WS035 - Weighing Trouser for Baby Weighing Scales.
  • With strap for suspension from infant scale.
  • One trouser only (without bag).

WS040 - Carry bag for weighing trousers.

Standard Features:

  • With strap for suspension from infant scale.
Item Code Description
WS038 Set of 5 weighing trousers with carrying bag.

WS030 - Baby Weighing Balance / Scale (Spring Type)

Standard Features:

  • Capacity: 5 Kg x 100 Gms.
  • Colour Coded with zero adjustment device.
  • Compact to fit in midwifery kits.
  • Light weight - Nylon.
  • With hook, suspension ring & rustproof firm grip handle.

Optional : Weighing trouser - WS035 (Order separately) or WS2009 (Order separately).

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