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Phototherapy Units - Orange Series

NIC591 - Infant Phototherapy Unit
Function Features :
  • Double side phototherapy for more effective radiation: Upside phototherapy and downside phototherapy can be use separately
  • Three levels to adjust the irradiation: Low, Medium, High
  • LCD screen of upside phototherapy unit displays therapy time with timer and countdown
  • Downside phototherapy unit adopts blue LED bulbs source and independent air cooling fan
  • Upside phototherapy unit adopts big blue LED bulbs, uniform efficient and long life
  • Protect boards of infant bed could be folded down for clinical use
  • Light head of upside phototherapy unit can be adjusted 360° horizontally and 180°vertically Stand column could be adjusted ±360°
  • Anti-rusty aluminum alloy base
  • High irradiation, easy to operation and move
  • With drawers and lockable castors
  • The height of upside phototherapy is adjustable
  • Automatically record total used therapy time

NIC595 - Infant Phototherapy Unit
Function Features :
  • LED lamp as phototherapy light source.
  • Light intensity is adjustable in Three grade : Low, Medium, High.
  • Separate LCD screen display for therapy time and integral time.
  • Count up timer and count down timer for exact and convenient treatment.
  • Equal light distribution. High intensity.
  • Quiet, no noise of fan.
  • The angle of head and height are adjustable.
  • Four castors with brake, MgAl and steel support base.
  • Long life span LED bulb.
  • Used with infant incubator, infant warmer, baby cradle.
Specifications :
Power Supply AC 110V ~ 240V 60/50 Hz
Power Input 40VA
Wavelength Radiation 420nm ~ 490nm
Height Adjust Range 850 ~ 1640nm
Angle of phototherapy head 0-180º
Head size 380 x 220 mm
Life span of LED bulb At least 20000 hours
Blue LED bulb 17 pcs
Time Accuracy 1min/12h
Integral time range 0h ~ 9999.9h
Count down timer 0 ~ 8h 30min
Total Irradiation for bilirubin
(effective surface area 500 x 360mm, at 360mm)
high 2800 µ W/cm2
middle 2000 µ W/cm2
low 800 µ W/cm2
Operating Condition Temperature 18ºC ~ 30ºC
Relative humidity 10% ~ 85% RH
Atmospheric pressure 700hpa ~ 1060hpa
Transport and Storage Ambient temperature -10ºC ~ +55ºC
Relative humidity ≤95%
Atmospheric pressure 500hpa ~ 1060hpa

NIC598 - Infant Phototherapy Unit
Function Features :
  • Small in size, light and high irradiation
  • LED Blue light as the radiant source is irradiating uniformly and efficient.
  • Circle 360 double sides for more effective irradiation.
  • Two phototherapy mode: up side phototherapy and down side phototherapy, can be use separately.
  • The electronic ballast makes the power supply adaptable and the power factor high.
  • Therapy time of phototherapy units from up and down side are displayed separately.
  • Automatically record each therapy time and total used therapy time
  • Air temperature and skin temperature separately displayed
  • Power off memory, silence key for alarm, key-locking and self-examination function.
  • Four alarm functions for safety: Power failure, probe failure, over temperature, fan failure
  • Function of setting up the count-down working time.
  • It is convenient to know the therapy of the infant through observation ports on both sides.
  • Adopt air spring structure and the hood is easy to open and close.
  • The aluminum-magnesium alloy is applied on the base , with two drawers and tray.
Technical Data :
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz±2%
Power Input ≤400VA
Blue light wavelength 420nm ~ 490nm
Circle 360 light radiation 3700μW/cm2
Up side light radiation 3300μW/cm2
Down side light radiation 2400μW/cm2
Life span of blue light tube >20000hours
Air temperature display range 0~45 0°C
Skin temperature display range 0~45 0°C
Time accuracy 1min/2h
Count-up time range 0~99.9 hours
Count-down time range 1min~99.9hours
Total cumulative time 999999hours
Mattress size 613x300mm
Four alarm functions Power failure, probe failure,over temperature, fan failure
Working environment :
Ambient temperature +18°C~+30°C
Relative humidity 30%~75%
Atmospheric pressure 700hpa~1060hpa
Standard configuration :
  • Main body (including the Radiant source, Control system, Infant bed, Bracket).
  • I.V. Pole, Skin temperature sensor, Air temp sensor.
  • Tray, Mattress, Transparent protector, Castors, Two drawers.
Optional Parts :
  • Gel mattress and bed
Transport and Storage :
Environment Temperature -40°C~ +55°C
Environment Relative Humidity ≤95%
Atmospheric Pressure 500~1060hPa
Package :
Each unit is packed one case Size 140cm x 84cm x 90cm
Gross weight <80KG

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