Cylinders Glassware

Cylinders Graduated equivalent to Class 'B'
Item Code Capacity
G092.0010 10ml
G092.0025 25ml
G092.0050 50ml
G092.0100 100ml
G092.0250 250ml
G092.0500 500ml
G092.1000 1000ml
G092.2000 2000ml

Cylinders Nessler's Graduated
Item Code Capacity
G089.0050 50ml
G089.0100 100ml

Cylinders, Graduated with Penny Head with I/C stopper equivalent to class `B'
Item Code Capacity
G093.0010 10ml
G093.0025 25ml
G093.0050 50ml
G093.0100 100ml
G093.0250 250ml
G093.0500 500ml
G093.1000 1000ml

Cylinders, Rain Measure
Item Code Capacity
G095.1020 100x20ml
G095.2020 200x20ml

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