Flasks Glassware

Flask Flat Bottom. Florence type
Item Code Capacity
G103.0025 25ml
G103.0050 50ml
G103.0125 125ml
G103.0250 250ml
G103.0500 500ml
G139.1000 1000ml
G139.2000 2000ml

Flask, Boiling Flat Bottom Short neck
Item Code Capacity
G104.0250 250ml
G104.0500 500ml

Flask Volumetric, Amber Colour with Plastic Stopper
Item Code Capacity
G139.0025 25ml
G139.0050 50ml
G139.0100 100ml
G139.0250 250ml
G139.0500 500ml
G139.1000 1000ml
G139.2000 2000ml

Flask, Boiling Round Bottom

Flask, Boiling Round Bottom

Item Code Capacity
G106.0025 25ml
G106.0050 50ml
G106.0100 100ml
G106.0125 125ml
G106.0250 250ml
G106.0500 500ml
G106.1000 1000ml
G106.2000 2000ml

Flask, Boiling, Round Bottom short neck

Item Code Capacity
G108.0050 50ml
G108.0100 100ml
G108.0250 250ml
G108.0500 500ml
G108.1000 1000ml
G108.2000 2000ml
G108.3000 3000ml
G108.5000 50000ml

Flask, Conical Narrow Mouth
Item Code Capacity
G117.0010 10ml
G117.0025 25ml
G117.0050 50ml
G117.0100 100ml
G117.0150 150ml
G117.0250 250ml
G117.0500 500ml
G117.1000 1000ml
G117.2000 2000ml

Flask, conical Wide Mouth
Item Code Capacity
G124.0100 100ml
G124.0250 250ml
G124.0500 500ml
G124.1000 1000ml

Flask, Conical, Amber
Item Code Capacity
G122.0100 100ml
G122.0250 250ml
G122.0500 500ml
G122.1000 1000ml

Flask, conical, with I/C Stopper
Item Code Capacity
G119.0025 25ml
G119.0050 50ml
G119.0100 100ml
G119.0250 250ml

Flask, Distilling with arm
Item Code Capacity
G115.0125 125ml
G115.0250 250ml
G115.0500 500ml
G115.1000 1000ml

Flask, Filtering
Item Code Capacity
G126.0050 50ml
G126.0100 100ml
G126.0250 250ml
G126.0500 500ml
G126.1000 1000ml
G126.2000 2000ml

Flask, Iodine with I/C Stopper
Item Code Capacity
G128.0100 100ml
G128.0250 250ml
G128.0500 500ml

Flask, Kjeldahl with I/C Joint
Item Code Capacity
G132.0500 500ml
G132.0800 800ml

Flask, Kjeldahl, Round Bottom and long neck
Item Code Capacity
G130.0010 10ml
G130.0030 30ml
G130.0100 100ml
G130.0300 300ml
G130.0500 500ml
G130.0800 800ml

Flask, Round Bottom, Three Necks
Item Code Capacity
G112.0100 100ml
G112.0250 250ml
G112.0500 500ml
G112.1000 1000ml
G112.2000 2000ml
G112.5000 5000ml

Flask, Round Bottom, Two neck Centred & angled
Item Code Capacity
G109.0100 100ml
G109.0250 250ml
G109.0500 500ml
G109.1000 1000ml
G109.2000 2000ml
G109.5000 5000ml

Flask, Volumetric with I/C stopper
Item Code Capacity
G135.0001 1ml
G135.0002 2ml
G135.0005 5ml
G135.0010 10ml
G135.0020 20ml
G135.0025 25ml
G135.0050 50ml
G135.0100 100ml
G135.0200 200ml
G135.0250 250ml
G135.0500 500ml
G135.1000 1000ml
G135.2000 2000ml

Flask, Volumetric with Plastic Stopper

Item Code Capacity
G137.0025 25ml
G137.0050 50ml
G137.0100 100ml
G137.0200 200ml
G137.0250 250ml
G137.0500 500ml
G137.1000 1000ml
G137.2000 2000ml

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