Molecular Model Sets

Atomic Model Set

These sets consist of moulded balls of different colours and sizes along with connecting lugs of different sizes. These sets are very helpful in modelling different organic & Inorganic compounds. SENIOR SET : This set consists of 150 lugs & 370 balls of prescribed colours and sizes packed in a moulded box having separate space for every particular colour & size of ball. JUNIOR SET : This set consists of 30 connecting lugs and 75 balls of different colours and sizes.

Material : Polypropylene (PP).
Item Code Title
P52.0001 Atomic Model Set, Senior Set
P52.0002 Atomic Model Set, Junior Set

Atomic Model Set (EURO DESIGN)

Student Set, Teacher Set

Item Code Title
P52.0020 Atomic Model Set (Euro Design), Student Set
P52.0021 Atomic Model Set (Euro Design), Teacher Set

Crystal Model Set, Polythylene

These Crystal Model Sets contain different coloured jacks (Red, Black & White) & connectors (Long & Short) in a prescribed number to be joined together in an illustrated way to form structures like Diamond, Graphite & Sodium Chloride.

Material :Polyethylene.
Item Code Title
P53.0101 Crystal Model Set, Diamond
P53.0102 Crystal Model Set, Sodium Chloride
P53.0103 Crystal Model Set, Graphite

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