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Accessories for -Silver Stereo Microscopes
  • Accessories for -Silver Stereo Microscopes.
Item Code Title
MC571 Spare Eypiece : WF10X (paired)
MC571A Spare Eypiece : WF15X (paired)
MC571B Spare Eypiece : WF20X (paired)
MC572 Auxillary Objective : 0.5X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes
MC572A Auxillary Objective : 2X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes
MC573 Dark Field Attachment: consisting of special system and movable Gem clamp.
MC577 Spare Lamp : 20Watts halogen lamp for incident illuminator.
MC578 Eyepiece with graticules : Micrometer disc, cross line, graph, accentric circles etc.
MC579 Polarising Attachment for examination of geological specimen under polarised light.
MC600 Gliding Stage: For quick scanning of the specimen in x-y direction.
MC601 Fibre Optic illuminator: Single light guide.
MC602 Fibre Optic illuminator: Double light guide.
MC603 Fibre Optic illuminator: Ring light guide.
MC604 Incident Halogen Illuminator: Spot light halogen illumination for Stereo Microscopes.
MC605 Dark Field Attachment for Embryology : consists of dark field system and a adapter for petri-dishes.

Spares & Accessories for -Silver Microscopes
Item Code Title
MC580 Eyepiece Wide Field 10x.
MC580A Eyepiece Wide Field 15x.
MC581 Eyepiece Huygenian 5x.
MC581A Eyepiece Huygenian 10x.
MC581B Eyepiece Huygenian 15x.
MC582 Spare Achromatic Objective 4x.
MC582A Spare Achromatic Objective 5x.
MC583 Spare Achromatic Objective 10x.
MC584 Spare Achromatic Objective 40x SL.
MC585 Spare Halogen Bulb 6V-20W.
MC586 Spare Bulbs 15W / 220V.
MC587 Spare Wooden Storing and Carrying Cabinet with Lock.
MC588 Replaceable, Graduated Drawtube.
MC589 Detachable Mechanical Stage.
MC590 Observation Tube, inclined at 45° for Medical Microscope.
MC591 Substage Lamp Attachment for Microscope.
MC592 Spare Achromatic Objective 100x SL
MC593 Eyepiece Wide Field 10x.

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