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Slide Boxes, Mailer

Slide Mailer

Slide Mailers present the best option to carry prepared slides from one place to another. Moulded in Polypropylene, these Slide Mailers are available in four sizes.

Item Code Title
P58.0001 Slide Mailer, 1 Slides
P58.0002 Slide Mailer, 2 Slides
P58.0005 Slide Mailer, 5 Slides
P58.0010 Slide Mailer, 10 Slides

Slide Box

These Slide Boxes are durable, compact & provide utmost protection to 1"x3" slides. Heavy walls will not wrap, splinter or crack. Boxes are unaffected by humidity and are thoroughly insect proof. Base of the slide box has a numbered index for easy slide Identification.

Material :Polystyrene (PS)
Item Code Title
P62.0025 Slide Box, for 25 Slides
P62.0050 Slide Box, for 50 Slides
P62.0100 Slide Box, for 100 Slides

P62.001 - Slide Storage Rack For 100 Slides

Slide Storage Rack For 100 Slides

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