Stirrer & Connectors

Item Code Capacity
P28.026 6mm
P28.028 8mm
P28.030 10mm


Cross Connections, Made up of polypropylene.

Item Code Capacity
P28.006 6mm
P28.008 8mm
P28.010 10mm

T & Y CONNECTORS, Polypropylene

These connector add to the existing range of connector .The crest & valley structure provided at all the ends of the connector give excellent leakproof grip to the tube.

T Connector Y Connector
Item Code Size Item Code Size
P28.106 6mm P225.06 6mm
P28.108 8mm P225.08 8mm
P28.110 10mm P225.010 10mm


Moulded in Polypropylene, Spatula consists of a spoon on one side while the other end is a flat construction with a knife edge. This edge is helpful in breaking up crystals of different salts while the spoon is used to draw salts from the containers.

Item Code Title
P185.0150 Spatula, 150 mm
P185.0200 Spatula, 200 mm

P217.1025 - Stirrer

Made of Polypropylene, these Stirrers are very useful for stirring different solutions in the laboratory. These Stirrers prove to be tough and long lasting. Description : Ø-7mm X h-300mm.

Item Code Capacity
P217.1025 Ø-7mm X h-300mm
P217.0615 Ø-6mm X h-150mm
P217.0720 Ø-7mm X h-200mm
P217.0725 Ø-7mm X h-250mm
P217.0730 Ø-7mm X h-300mm

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