Trinocular Research Microscope

MC661 - Trinocular Research Microscope With Digital Microscopy Screen Camera

Specifications/Details :

  • DIN Semi Plan Objectives : 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x (Oil).
  • Eyepieces : WF 10x (paired).
  • Magnification : 40x to 1000x.
  • Observation Head:- Trinocular Observation head with 45° inclination, Rotatable through 360° and can be fixed in any direction.
  • Inter-Pupiliary distance from 54 to 74mm and diopter adjustment are provided.
  • Nosepiece:- Quadruple revolving nosepiece is provided with accurate centering and positive click stop for smooth accurate rotation.
  • Stage:- Stage Size 135x140mm. X-Y movement is controlled through low co-axial controls and cross movement of 50x70mm with fully graduated vernier scales.
  • Condenser- Bright Field Condenser 1.25 N.A with iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder can be moved through rack and pinion knob.
  • Illumination:- Illumination through 6V 20W Halogen Lamp.
  • Packing : In full mould Styrofoam box.
  • Accessories : With vinyl cover, duster, cleaning brush, filter, immersion oil, operating manual.

Digital Microscopy Screen Camera

LCD Screen microscope camera makes a great user experience of microscopy itself by utilizing built-in camera as well as built-in screen. No USB cable, No driver or application software required. Just start this, the live image present in front of you immediately. This makes microscopy imaging easier, quicker and smarter.

Features :

  • 7" TFT LCD monitor.
  • Contrast Ratio : 400:1
  • High-resolution picture.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Screen ratio 16:9/4:3 adjustable Full color LCD back light display.
  • Comes with an IR remote controller.
  • Brightness/contrast/color adjustable.

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