Instruction Manual for Enema Hot Water Bottle Set

Instruction Manual for Enema Hot Water Bottle Set
  • Sterilize the Enema Instruments by keeping them in luke warm water for 3-4 hours (overnight).
  • Unscrew the top cork of hot water bottle. Fill the hot water bottle with luke-warm water to be used for enema.
  • Screw the adaptor tightly.
  • Fix the douche tube by inserting it into adaptor screwed with hot water bottle.
  • Fix the stop cock and rectal/vagina tip with stop cock on the other end of douche tube.
  • Prepare yourself for enema. (Please ensure that you are in a good health and are able to carry enema activities.)
  • Lubricate the Rectal/Vaginal tip/nozzle with vaseline.
  • Hang the bottle upside down and let the water flow till the tip of the nozzle.
  • Insert the rectal/vaginal pipe into the anal/vagina and turn the knob of stop cork so that it allows flow of water through it.
  • You may gently squeeze the hot water bottle if required to ensure good flow of water.
  • Take out the rectal/vaginal pipe when enema is over. Wash again all the enema equipment with warm water.

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