Instruction Manual for Kerosene Pressure Stoves

Instruction Manual for Kerosene Pressure Stoves
  • Place the stove on the floor. Please insure that floor is non flammable & heat resistant.
  • Unscrew the oil knob of the Stove.
  • Insert the funnel in the oil knob. (Please do not insert in completely and ensure the passage of air).
  • Pour the Kerosene Oil from the top of funnel slowly. Fill the tank with 1 Ltr. of Kerosene Oil. Do not fill the entire tank.
  • After filling the Kerosene Oil tighten the oil knob. Also tighten the Air Release Screw.
  • Pump the stove 2-3 times by pumping the pressure pump.
  • Check the burner tip. The kerosene oil should starts coming out from tip of burner. (If oil does not comes in 5-6 pumps, clean the hole at the tip of burner by inserting pin in it. As soon as the Kerosene OIl comes out from burner tip, loosen the Air Release Screw at the top of Knob.
  • Lit the burner with match stick. Let the burner warm up for 30 seconds.
  • Again tighten the Air Release Screw and Pump till you get the required flame. Clean burner if necessary.
  • When the job is over, loosen the Air Release Screw completely to turn off the stove.

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