Cardiology Disposable Products

Cardiac & Cardiothoracic Disposable Products
  • Whether you need Angiographic Catheters, Heart Valves, Balloon Catheter Set, Guiding Catheter, Stents, Vascular graft or Temporary Pacemakers, revex Medical offers widest range under this category of Cardiac & Cardiothoracic Disposable Products. In fact, we probably have most broad spectrum of products that meet the needs of the open heart surgeon! Below is the list of products. Kindly click on 'Ask For Price' button and provide us your specific purchase requirement along with quantity so that we offer you our best prices.
List of Products
Angiographic catheters
Aortic Punch
Aspiration catheters
Blood clearing mist
Guide wires
Heart valves
Hemostasis valve
Introducer sheaths
Ligating clips
PTCA guiding catheter
Sensor kit for continuous cardiac monitoring
Surgical wound dressing non-woven
Thrombosuction devices
Tip sheath
Artery compression device
Balloon catheter set
Bone wax
Brocken needle set
Cannula aortic root & femoral venous
Cannula venous single stage open &venous return
Cardioplegia cannula
Cardioplegia giving set
Cardiotomy suction tip
Cardiovascular packs
Catheter arterial embolectomy
Catheter thermodilution
Catheter balloon cutting
Catheter bipolar pacing
Catheter left heart vent & sumps silicone
Catheter support
Cell Saver Procedure Set (225 ml)
Central venous catheter
Chest tube
Clip coronary retraction
Connectors all types
Coronary grafts
Coronary perfusion cannula
Coronary sucker
Curved metal Tip Single Stage Venous Cannula
Diagnostic catheter
Dilatation catheters including otw
Disposable Pressure Infusion Bags 1000 ml
Disposable pressure tranducer
Drug eluting stents including premounted & biosorbable
Endotracheal tube
Endotracheal tube with cuff
Flexibility tip
Foleys catheter
Guiding catheter
Inflation device with & without kit
Intra aortic balloon catheters
Intra coronary shunt
IVC filter
Pacing lead
Permanent pacemaker
PTCA balloon
PTCA Guide-wire
PTCA NC balloon
Runthrough floppy
Snare kit
Stent (bare metal)
Sternal saw blade
Stop cock with extention
Surgical(absorbable haemostat)
Sutures all materials & types
Temporary pace maker
Temporary pacing wire
Tissue valve (aortic) & (mitral)
Transducer pressure line set  double & single
Tricupid ring
Tubing Set for Oxygenrator
Vascular graft

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