Disposable Dental Products - Orange Series

DEN0012 - Dental Bibs

Standard Features:

  • Material - 2 Ply paper + 1 Ply Film.
  • Soft, highly absorbent, overall embossed.
  • Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White.
  • Size: 13”X18”.

DEN0014 - Counter Bibs

Standard Features:

  • Material - 3 Ply paper + 1 Ply Film.
  • Contoured neck (cut-out).
  • Large patient bib.
  • Size: 18”X22”.

Note: Contoured neck increases patient comfort and provides added protection for patient clothing.

Dental Headrest Covers

Standard Features:

  • To protect the chair.
  • Fluid- resistant and disposable.
Item Code Size
DEN1010 10"*10"
DEN1012 10"*13"
DEN1014 13"*13"

DEN2100 - Disposable Dental Saliva Ejector

Standard Features:

  • Latex- free non toxic, High quality.
  • Bonded non-removable Tips.
  • Wire reinforced- easily shape.
  • Colour: Transparent, blue, pink, white, purple, green, yellow.

DEN1200 - Air/ Water Syringe Tips

Standard Features:

  • Separate air and water chambers to minimize crossover.
  • Smooth, rounded edges to prevent harm to patients and equipment.
  • Available in five different colors (blue, purple, pink, orange and green).

Note: Tips can turn freely, convenient to use and compatible with any type of dental chair.

Dental Micro Brush / Applictor

Standard Features:

  • Non-linting and non-absorbent with featured bendable handle.
  • Facilitates the proper placement of materials into difficult to reach areas.
Item Code Size
DEN1110 Small
DEN1111 Medium
DEN1112 Large

DEN2120 - Dental Kit (Set of 5Pcs)

Consists of:

  • Dental Mirror.
  • Dental tweezer.
  • Dental probe.
  • Dental bibs/shawl.
  • Dental tray.

Dental Needle

Standard Features:

  • High quality stainless steel, short needle bevel.
  • Atraumatic, and perfectly sharp.
  • Size distinguished by the hub's color for clear recognition.
Item Code Size
DEN2520 25G
DEN2522 27G
DEN2524 30G

Pre Bent Needle Tips

Standard Features:

  • 1" bendable irrigating tips are ideal for safe irrigation of canals pockets, fistulas.
  • Bendable 1" tip monoject style (notched).
  • Luer lock hub, color coded for easy identification.
  • Slotted vented-side for easy and safe irrigation.
  • Disposable reduces cross-contamination.
Item Code Size
DEN1320 23G
DEN1322 27G
DEN1324 30G

Dental Cotton Roll

Standard Features:

  • 100% Cotton
Item Code Size
DEN1100 8MM X 3.8CM
DEN1101 10MM X 3.8CM
DEN1102 12MM X 3.8CM
DEN1103 14MM X 3.8CM

DEN1202 - Polypropylene Denture Box

Standard Features:

  • Size: 93x90x70mm

Mouth Mirror

Standard Features:

  • Material: Polymer
Item Code Description
DEN1220 Glass Lens
DEN1222 PC Lens

Surgical Suction Tip
  • Material of Tubes: PVC(LATEX FREE, NON TOXIC)
Description Small Medium Large
Vented( 1/8" Tip) DEN1410 DEN1412 DEN1414
Non Vented(1/16" Bend Tips) DEN1405 DEN1407 DEN1409

Dental Probe ABS
Item Code Description
DEN1301 SS Tip, Single Head
DEN1302 SS Tip, Double Head

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