DP3500 - Laptop Video Colposcope
Features :
  • SONY 1/4" high-resolution digital color CCD
  • 470,000 dot image elements, horizontal resolution factor above 480 lines
  • Stepless Image magnification of 1 to 30 times
  • Video and S-video mode output
  • High-speed automatic capturing or manual capturing control
  • Automatic self-balance adjustment and electronic numerical reading technology
  • Automatic adjustment of self-balance
  • Focusing distance 10 to 800mm
  • Unique design of light source
  • Adopting super-low ring multipoint white cold-light source
  • Even brightness, small size and a long life length
Software Features:
  • Powerful computer imaging, data management and disease analysis . It has WINDOWS operating system with the functions of image collecting, displaying, processing and report printing and storage.
  • Easy control to focus the CCD and scale of real time. Picture though the computer helps the doctor choose the clear, high quality picture.
  • The special optical filtering system, can show the false color of many kinds of dynamic filters such as being red, green, blue in real time.
  • Convenient to make comparative analysis of atlas, which is helpful for patient's diagnosis. Produce the content of reporting automatically.
  • Large memory to store case history and more than 100,000 pics.
  • 17inch high-resolution color large screen display, adopt HP ink high-resolution color image output.
  • Fast and convenient data search. Internet Supports

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