ACl Screw (Cannulated) – Sterile Titanium

Indication: For use of cruciate reconstruction when using hamstring or patellar tendon grafts. The screws have blunt threads which protect the grafts from laceration. The round head screws reduces the stress in the graft as it exits the femoral end.

Length in mm (Diameter) TITANIUM
7 mm 8 mm 9 mm 10 mm
20 Ti-630.07-20 Ti-630.08-20 Ti-630.09-20 Ti-630.10-20
25 Ti-630.07-25 Ti-630.08-25 Ti-630.09-25 Ti-630.10-25
30 Ti-630.07-30 Ti-630.08-30 Ti-630.09-30 Ti-630.10-30
35 Ti-630.07-35 Ti-630.08-35 Ti-630.09-35 Ti-630.10-35

ACL Screw (Cannulated) – Sterile Peek
Length in mm Diameter
7 mm 8 mm 9 mm 10 mm
20 Pk-630.07-20 Pk-630.08-20 Pk-630.09-20 Pk-630.10-20
23 Pk-630.07-23 Pk-630.08-23 Pk-630.09-23 Pk-630.10-23
25 Pk-630.07-25 Pk-630.08-25 Pk-630.09-25 Pk-630.10-25
28 Pk-630.07-28 Pk-630.08-28 Pk-630.09-28 Pk-630.10-28
30 Pk-630.07-30 Pk-630.08-30 Pk-630.09-30 Pk-630.10-30
35 Pk-630.07-35 Pk-630.08-35 Pk-630.09-35 Pk-630.10-35

Spiked Ligament Staples - Titanium
Code No. Size mm
Ti-650.150 Small
Ti-650.151 Large

Fiber Wire
Code No. Size mm
650.401 120cm Double Needle
650.405 90cm Single Needle
650.403 70cm Single Needle
650.404 70cm Single Needle (4 in 1 Pack)

Fixation Screw – Titanium Dia.: 6.5mm x Length: 30mm
Code No. Ti-650.160

Anchor Screw - Titanium
Code No. Size mm
Ti-650.160 3
Ti-650.162 5

ACL Button With Continuous Loop Titanium
Code No. Size mm
Ti-650.101 12
Ti-650.102 15
Ti-650.103 20
Ti-650.104 25
Ti-650.105 30
Ti-650.106 35
Ti-650.107 40

Spiked Washer – Titanium For 4.5mm Low Profile Cancellous Screw
Code No. Ti-650.206

Spiked Washer – Titanium For 6.5mm Low Profile Cancellous Screw
Code No. Ti-650.207

Suture Washer - Round Hole Titanium
Code No. Ti-650.025

Low Profile Cancellous Screw Titanium
Code No. Dia mm Size mm
Ti-650.200 4.5 30
Ti-650.201 4.5 35
Ti-650.203 4.5 40
Ti-650.204 6.5 35
Ti-650.205 6.5 40

ACL Button - Titanium


  • Endoscopic femoral soft tissue fixation device.
  • Titanium button to be used for single incision.
  • Eliminates graft lateration.
  • Ideal for bi-socket technique.

Code No. Size mm
Ti-650.001 4mm x 12mm

Suture Washer - D Hole Titanium
Code No. Size mm
Ti-650.020 15
Ti-650.022 17

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