Apex Type Pins, Self Tapping/Self Drilling
Dia x L(mm) Variant Thread L (mm) S.S. Titanium
Ø3.0x60 Cortical 20 Q.323006 Q.423006
Ø3.0x70 Cortical 25 Q.323007 Q.423007
Ø3.0x80 Cortical 30 Q.323008 Q.423008
Ø3.0x90 Cortical 30 Q.323009 Q.423009
Ø3.0x100 Cortical 35 Q.323010 Q.423010
Ø3.0x120 Cortical 40 Q.323011 Q.423011
Ø4.0x80 Cortical 30 Q.324008 Q.424008
Ø4.0x90 Cortical 30 Q.324009 Q.424009
Ø4.0x100 Cortical 35 Q.324010 Q.424010
Ø4.0x120 Cortical 40 Q.324012 Q.424012
Ø4.0x130 Cortical 40 Q.324013 Q.424013
Ø4.0x140 Cortical 40 Q.324014 Q.424014
Ø4.0x150 Cortical 45 Q.324015 Q.424015
Ø4.0x160 Cortical 45 Q.324016 Q.424016
Ø4.0x180 Cortical 50 Q.324018 Q.424018
Ø5.0x80 Cortical 30 Q.325008 Q.425008
Ø5.0x90 Cortical 30 Q.325009 Q.425009
Ø5.0x100 Cortical 35 Q.325010 Q.425010
Ø5.0x110 Cortical 35 Q.325011 Q.425011
Ø5.0x120 Cortical 40 Q.325012 Q.425012
Ø5.0x130 Cortical 40 Q.325013 Q.425013
Ø5.0x150 Cortical 45 Q.325015 Q.425015
Ø5.0x180 Cortical 50 Q.325018 Q.425018
Ø5.0x200 Cortical 60 Q.325020 Q.425020
Ø5.0x220 Cortical 60 Q.325022 Q.42502
Ø6.0x80 Cortical 30 Q.326008 Q.426008
Ø6.0x100 Cortical 35 Q.326010 Q.426010
Ø6.0x110 Cortical 35 Q.326011 Q.426011
Ø6.0x120 Cortical 40 Q.326012 Q.426012
Ø6.0x130 Cortical 40 Q.326013 Q.426013
Ø6.0x150 Cortical 45 Q.326015 Q.426015
Ø6.0x180 Cortical 50 Q.326018 Q.426018
Ø6.0x200 Cortical 60 Q.326020 Q.426020
Ø6.0x220 Cortical 60 Q.326022 Q.426022
Ø6.0x250 Cortical 75 Q.326025 Q.426025

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