AS255 Hoffman External Fixators - 5.0mm
Code No. Description
255.310 Pin-Rod Coupling for 3.0mm Pins and 5.0mm Rods
255.320 Rod-Rod Coupling for 5.0mm Rods or Posts
255.332 Peri-Articular Pin Clamp for 3.0mm Pins
255.331 Pin-Post Coupling for 3.0mm Pins
255.390 Clamp Chunk
255.380 Elbow Fixator, 5.0mm
255.340 Straight Post, 5.0mm
255.350 30° Post, 5.0mm
Carbon Fiber Rods
255.371.12 5.0mm x 120mm
255.371.15 5.0mm x 150mm
255.371.18 5.0mm x 180mm
255.371.20 5.0mm x 200mm
Curved Aluminium Rods
255.360.11 5.0mm x 110mm
255.360.14 5.0mm x 140mm
One Step Pins
255.5136 3-2.5mm x 60mm
255.5108 3.0mm x 80mm
255.3200T Removable Thumbwheel
255.3600T Pin-Wrench
255.3320T Stablization-Reduction Wrench
255.3100T Manual Drill
255.3300T Wrench
255.3400T Scanz Guide
255.000 Empty Container

AS258 Hoffman External Fixators - 8.0mm
Code No. Description
258.210 Pin-Rod Coupling for 3.0mm/4.0mm/5.0mm Pins and 8.0mm Rods
258.220 Rod-Rod Coupling for 8.0mm Rods or Posts
258.230 Pin-Post Coupling for 3.0mm/4.0mm/5.0mm Pins
258.240.65 Straight Post 8mm x 65mm
258.250.80 30° Post 8mm x 80mm
Curved Aluminium Rods
258.260.16 8.0mm x 160mm
258.260.18 8.0mm x 180mm
258.260.20 8.0mm x 200mm
Carbon Fiber Rods
258.271.20 8.0mm x 200mm
258.271.28 8.0mm x 280mm
258.271.30 8.0mm x 300mm
258.271.35 8.0mm x 350mm
One Step Pins
258.5108 3.0mm x 80mm
258.8112 4.0mm x 120mm
258.8212 5.0mm x 120mm
258.8215 5.0mm x 150mm
258.8218 5.0mm x 180mm
258.8220 5.0mm x 200mm
258.2200T Removable Thumbwheel
258.2230T T-Wrench
258.2400T Pin-Wrench
258.2320T Stablization-Reduction Wrench
258.2100T Scanz Guide 4mm/5mm
258.2310T Add Force Wrench
258.2500T Manual Drill
258.000 Empty Container

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