Ilizarov External Fixation System
Code No. Ring Diameter (mm)
Q.780108 Ø 80mm
Q.780110 Ø 100mm
Q.780112 Ø 120mm
Q.780114 Ø 140mm
Q.780118 Ø 180mm
Q.780120 Ø 200mm
Q.780122 Ø 220mm

Ilizarov Half Ring, Aluminium
Code No. Ring Diameter (mm)
Q.780408 Ø 80mm
Q.780410 Ø 100mm
Q.780412 Ø 120mm
Q.780414 Ø 140mm
Q.780418 Ø 180mm
Q.780420 Ø 200mm
Q.780422 Ø 220mm

Ilizarov 2/3 Ring, Aluminium
Code No. Ring Diameter (mm)
Q.780508 Ø 80mm
Q.780510 Ø 100mm
Q.780512 Ø 120mm
Q.780514 Ø 140mm
Q.780518 Ø 180mm
Q.780520 Ø 200mm
Q.780522 Ø 220mm

Ilizarov Rings with 6 ears, Aluminium
Code Size
Q.7802S Small
Q.7802M Medium
Q.7802L Large

Ilizarov Rings with 3 ears, Aluminium
Code Size
Q.7803S Small
Q.7803M Medium
Q.7803L Large

Ilizarov Foot Ring, SS
Code Size
Q.7806S Small
Q.7806M Medium
Q.7806L Large

Annular Diagonal Tie
Code Q.7810

Annular Tubes
Code Q.7811

Code Q.7812

Universal Joint
Code Q.7815

Single Joint- A
Code Q.7814-A

Single Joint - B
Code Q.7814-B

Adjusting nut
Code Q.7813

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