Easy Universal Tibial Nail Long Bend - Standard Distal Holes
  • Easy Universal Tibial Nail are used to fix diaphyseal fractures of Tibia.
  • Dynamic holes are designed in an oval shape so that a screw at one end of the oval can allow compression of bone and still controls rotation.
  • All the proximal and distal holes support 4.9 mm locking bolt.
  • Same Nail can be used for Right & Left Leg.
  • Use with Instrument Sets - AS032/AS032DJ
Length (cm) STAINLESS STEEL - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm
26 EUT009-26 EUT010-26 EUT011-26 EUT012-26 EUT013-26
27 EUT009-27 EUT010-27 EUT011-27 EUT012-27 EUT013-27
28 EUT009-28 EUT010-28 EUT011-28 EUT012-28 EUT013-28
29 EUT009-29 EUT010-29 EUT011-29 EUT012-29 EUT013-29
30 EUT009-30 EUT010-30 EUT011-30 EUT012-30 EUT013-30
31 EUT009-31 EUT010-31 EUT011-31 EUT012-31 EUT013-31
32 EUT009-32 EUT010-32 EUT011-32 EUT012-32 EUT013-32
33 EUT009-33 EUT010-33 EUT011-33 EUT012-33 EUT013-33
34 EUT009-34 EUT010-34 EUT011-34 EUT012-34 EUT013-34
35 EUT009-35 EUT010-35 EUT011-35 EUT012-35 EUT013-35
36 EUT009-36 EUT010-36 EUT011-36 EUT012-36 EUT013-36
37 EUT009-37 EUT010-37 EUT011-37 EUT012-37 EUT013-37
38 EUT009-38 EUT010-38 EUT011-38 EUT012-38 EUT013-38
39 EUT009-39 EUT010-39 EUT011-39 EUT012-39 EUT013-39
40 EUT009-40 EUT010-40 EUT011-40 EUT012-40 EUT013-40
41 EUT009-41 EUT010-41 EUT011-41 EUT012-41 EUT013-41
42 EUT009-42 EUT010-42 EUT011-42 EUT012-42 EUT013-42
43 EUT009-43 EUT010-43 EUT011-43 EUT012-43 EUT013-43
44 EUT009-44 EUT010-44 EUT011-44 EUT012-44 EUT013-44

Easy Universal Tibial Nail Long Bend - Short Distal Holes
Length (cm) STAINLESS STEEL - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm
26 EUT109-26 EUT110-26 EUT111-26 EUT112-26 EUT113-26
27 EUT109-27 EUT110-27 EUT111-27 EUT112-27 EUT113-27
28 EUT109-28 EUT110-28 EUT111-28 EUT112-28 EUT113-28
29 EUT109-29 EUT110-29 EUT111-29 EUT112-29 EUT113-29
30 EUT109-30 EUT110-30 EUT111-30 EUT112-30 EUT113-30
31 EUT109-31 EUT110-31 EUT111-31 EUT112-31 EUT113-31
32 EUT109-32 EUT110-32 EUT111-32 EUT112-32 EUT113-32
33 EUT109-33 EUT110-33 EUT111-33 EUT112-33 EUT113-33
34 EUT109-34 EUT110-34 EUT111-34 EUT112-34 EUT113-34
35 EUT109-35 EUT110-35 EUT111-35 EUT112-35 EUT113-35
36 EUT109-36 EUT110-36 EUT111-36 EUT112-36 EUT113-36
37 EUT109-37 EUT110-37 EUT111-37 EUT112-37 EUT113-37
38 EUT109-38 EUT110-38 EUT111-38 EUT112-38 EUT113-38
39 EUT109-39 EUT110-39 EUT111-39 EUT112-39 EUT113-39
40 EUT109-40 EUT110-40 EUT111-40 EUT112-40 EUT113-40
41 EUT109-41 EUT110-41 EUT111-41 EUT112-41 EUT113-41
42 EUT109-42 EUT110-42 EUT111-42 EUT112-42 EUT113-42
43 EUT109-43 EUT110-43 EUT111-43 EUT112-43 EUT113-43
44 EUT109-44 EUT110-44 EUT111-44 EUT112-44 EUT113-44

Easy Universal Tibial Nail Short Bend - Standard Distal Holes
Length (cm) STAINLESS STEEL - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm
26 EUT209-26 EUT210-26 EUT211-26 EUT212-26 EUT213-26
27 EUT209-27 EUT210-27 EUT211-27 EUT212-27 EUT213-27
28 EUT209-28 EUT210-28 EUT211-28 EUT212-28 EUT213-28
29 EUT209-29 EUT210-29 EUT211-29 EUT212-29 EUT213-29
30 EUT209-30 EUT210-30 EUT211-30 EUT212-30 EUT213-30
31 EUT209-31 EUT210-31 EUT211-31 EUT212-31 EUT213-31
32 EUT209-32 EUT210-32 EUT211-32 EUT212-32 EUT213-32
33 EUT209-33 EUT210-33 EUT211-33 EUT212-33 EUT213-33
34 EUT209-34 EUT210-34 EUT211-34 EUT212-34 EUT213-34
35 EUT209-35 EUT210-35 EUT211-35 EUT212-35 EUT213-35
36 EUT209-36 EUT210-36 EUT211-36 EUT212-36 EUT213-36
37 EUT209-37 EUT210-37 EUT211-37 EUT212-37 EUT213-37
38 EUT209-38 EUT210-38 EUT211-38 EUT212-38 EUT213-38
39 EUT209-39 EUT210-39 EUT211-39 EUT212-39 EUT213-39
40 EUT209-40 EUT210-40 EUT211-40 EUT212-40 EUT213-40
41 EUT209-41 EUT210-41 EUT211-41 EUT212-41 EUT213-41
42 EUT209-42 EUT210-42 EUT211-42 EUT212-42 EUT213-42
43 EUT209-43 EUT210-43 EUT211-43 EUT212-43 EUT213-43
44 EUT209-44 EUT210-44 EUT211-44 EUT212-44 EUT213-44

Easy Universal Tibial Nail Short Bend - Short Distal Holes
Length (cm) STAINLESS STEEL - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm
26 EUT309-26 EUT310-26 EUT311-26 EUT312-26 EUT313-26
27 EUT309-27 EUT310-27 EUT311-27 EUT312-27 EUT313-27
28 EUT309-28 EUT310-28 EUT311-28 EUT312-28 EUT313-28
29 EUT309-29 EUT310-29 EUT311-29 EUT312-29 EUT313-29
30 EUT309-30 EUT310-30 EUT311-30 EUT312-30 EUT313-30
31 EUT309-31 EUT310-31 EUT311-31 EUT312-31 EUT313-31
32 EUT309-32 EUT310-32 EUT311-32 EUT312-32 EUT313-32
33 EUT309-33 EUT310-33 EUT311-33 EUT312-33 EUT313-33
34 EUT309-34 EUT310-34 EUT311-34 EUT312-34 EUT313-34
35 EUT309-35 EUT310-35 EUT311-35 EUT312-35 EUT313-35
36 EUT309-36 EUT310-36 EUT311-36 EUT312-36 EUT313-36
37 EUT309-37 EUT310-37 EUT311-37 EUT312-37 EUT313-37
38 EUT309-38 EUT310-38 EUT311-38 EUT312-38 EUT313-38
39 EUT309-39 EUT310-39 EUT311-39 EUT312-39 EUT313-39
40 EUT309-40 EUT310-40 EUT311-40 EUT312-40 EUT313-40
41 EUT309-41 EUT310-41 EUT311-41 EUT312-41 EUT313-41
42 EUT309-42 EUT310-42 EUT311-42 EUT312-42 EUT313-42
43 EUT309-43 EUT310-43 EUT311-43 EUT312-43 EUT313-43
44 EUT309-44 EUT310-44 EUT311-44 EUT312-44 EUT313-44

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