• TENS Nail - Length 40cm are intended for Diaphyseal and certain Metaphyseal fractures of long bones, Subcapital Humerus, Metatarsal and Metacarpal fractures and complex Clavicular fractures in Children.
  • In adult patients TENS Nail is used for the Diaphyseal fractures of long bones in upper extremity and Clavicle Shaft fractures.
  • Use with Instrument Set - AS149
Lenght 30cm Lenght 40cm Lenght 44cm
1.5 TEN1.5-30 TEN1.5-40 -
2.0 TEN2-30 TEN2-40 TEN2-44
2.5 TEN2.5-30 TEN2.5-40 TEN2.5-44
3.0 TEN3-30 TEN3-40 TEN3-44
3.5 TEN3.5-30 TEN3.5-40 TEN3.5-44
4.0 TEN4-30 TEN4-40 TEN4-44
4.5 TEN4.5-30 TEN4.5-40 TEN4.5-44
Dia in mm TITANIUM
Lenght 30cm Lenght 40cm Lenght 44cm
1.5 Ti-TEN1.5-30 Ti-TEN1.5-40 -
2.0 Ti-TEN2-30 Ti-TEN2-40 Ti-TEN2-44
2.5 Ti-TEN2.5-30 Ti-TEN2.5-40 Ti-TEN2.5-44
3.0 Ti-TEN3-30 Ti-TEN3-40 Ti-TEN3-44
3.5 Ti-TEN3.5-30 Ti-TEN3.5-40 Ti-TEN3.5-44
4.0 Ti-TEN4-30 Ti-TEN4-40 Ti-TEN4-44
4.5 Ti-TEN4.5-30 Ti-TEN4.5-40 Ti-TEN4.5-44

Instruments Set for TENS Nails
AS149 Instruments Set for TENS Nails
Set Consisting of : Units
AS149.001 - Impactor for TENS Nail, Straight 1
AS149.003 - Impactor for TENS Nail, bevelled 1
AS149.005 - Inserter for TENS Nail 1
AS149.007 - Extraction Plier for TENS Nail 1
AS149.009 - Awl for TENS Nail 1
AS149.011 -Hammer Guide for TENS Nail 1
AS149.013 -Pin Wrench dia 4.5mm, L 120mm 1
AS149.015 -F Tool for Reduction Small 1
261.627 -Drill Bits 2.7mm Dia, Total Length 130mm 1
261.633 -Drill Bits 3.2mm Dia, Total Length 200mm 1
261.646 -Drill Bits 4.5mm Dia, Total Length 200mm 1
AS149.023 -Double Drill Guide 4.5/3.2mm 1
AS149.025 -Hammer 500g 1
AS149.027 -Slide Hammer 400g 1
AS149.029 - Awl for Curved L 180mm for Clavicular Fractures 1
AS149.031 -Rod Cutter (upto 6mm) 1
AS149.033 -Pliers Flat Nosed 1
AS149.035 -Empty Container  

Instruments Set For Tens Nails - Q-SERIES
Q.149 Instruments Set For Tens Nails - Q-SERIES
Set Consisting of : Units
Q.149.01 - Hammer 1
Q.149.02 - Awl 1
Q.149.03 - Locking Pliers 1
Q.149.04 - Cutter 1
Q.149.05 - Hammer Guide 1
Q.149.06 -Hammer Guide for TENS Nail 1
Q.149.07 -Double Drill Sleeve 3.2/4.5mm 1
Q.149.08 -End Cap for inserter Small 1
Q.149.09 -End cap for inserter Large 1
Q.149.10 -Drill Bit Ø2.7 x 115mm 1
Q.149.11 -Drill Bit Ø3.2 x 150mm 1
Q.149.12 -Drill Bit Ø4.5 x 150mm 1
Q.149.13 -Elastic Nail Inserter 1
Q.149.14 -Standard Temp 1
Q.149.15 - Beveled Temp 1
Q.149.16 - Bender 1 Pair
Q.149.000 - Empty Container with Tray for TENS Nail  

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