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Drill & Saw System (Electrically Operated - 220V, 50 Hz)
Drill & Saw System (Electrically Operated - 220V, 50 Hz)


ODS01 - Driving Unit includes Motor Stand, Foot Control, Flexible Shaft, Tool Kit, Oil Bottle & Special Container.

  • Driving Unit is having a Motor 220V / 5 amp AC with Mobile Stand made up of Stainless Steel tubes with castors.
  • Driving Unit includes Motor, Stand, Foot Control, Flexible Shaft.
  • Requires to run all power tools.
  • Flexible Shaft is Autoclavable. It can withstand to superheated steam temperatures.
ODS03 - Cannulated Drilling Handpiece (1200 RPM)
ODS07 - Saggital Saw Handpiece (With Set of 5 Blades)
ODS11 - Reaming Handpiece Cannulated, Quick Coupling
Optional Instruments:(To be Ordered Separately)
ODS52 - Transverse Saw (with Set of 5 Blades)

Drill Accessories (Optional)
Code S.S - Description Code Titanium Nitrate
507.038 - Flexible Reaming Shaft with Fixed Reamer, Dia. 8mm TN-507.038
507.03 - Flexible Reamer Shaft only (For Reamer Head upto 13mm) TN-507.03
507.23 - Flexible Reamer Shaft only (For Reamer Head from 13.5mm to 15mm.) TN-507.23
510.85 - Medullary Reamer, Size: 8.5mm TN-510.85
510.9 - Medullary Reamer, Size 9mm. TN-510.9
510.95 - Medullary Reamer, Size 9.5mm. TN-510.95
510.10 - Medullary Reamer, Size 10mm. TN-510.10
510.105 - Medullary Reamer, Size 10.5mm. TN-510.105
510.11 - Medullary Reamer, Size 11mm. TN-510.11
510.115 - Medullary Reamer, Size 11.5mm. TN-510.115
510.12 - Medullary Reamer, Size 12mm. TN-510.12
510.125 - Medullary Reamer, Size 12.5mm. TN-510.125
510.13 - Medullary Reamer, Size 13mm. TN-510.13
510.135 - Medullary Reamer, Size 13.5mm. TN-510.135
510.14 - Medullary Reamer, Size 14mm. TN-510.14
510.145 - Medullary Reamer, Size 14.5mm. TN-510.145
510.15 - Medullary Reamer, Size 15mm. TN-510.15
ODS41 - Synthes Adpater, Stainless Steel.  
ODS43 - Trinkle Fit Adapter, Stainless Steel  
ODS45 - Hudson Adapter, Stainless Steel  
ODS47 - Drill Chuck Adapter, Stainless Steel  
ODS49 - Flexible Shaft for Driving Unit (Extra)  
ODS51 - Spare Set of Blades  
ODS60 - Spare Oil Bottle, 30 ml.  

Electric Bone Drill (220V 50Hz AC)
Code No. 399.010M

Electric Bone Drilling & Oscillating Saw System
Code No. 399.015

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