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The IC based Diagnostic cum Therapeutic unit, suitable taking S.D. Curve is a marvel of electronics. The combination unit produces four different types of stimulating current i.e Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic ,Faradic & Surged for S.D. Curve plotting and theraprutic use Output is smoothly adjusable from 0-135 volts.

Standard Features:

  • GLAVANIC. : continuous well fillered D.C upto 135 volts for a maximum of 0-75mA load.
  • INERRUPTED GALVANIC. : Pulse durations -0.01,0.03,0.1,0.3,1,3,10,30,100,300 m sec.
  • FREQUENCY. : 6,18,30,PER MINTUE 1,3,5,10,30,50,100 per sec.
  • SURGED-FARADIC : Faradic pulse of 0.6 m sec durations. Contraction durations: 2-4 seconds.
  • FARADIC : Comprises of 80 pulse per second, each pulse of 0.6 ms width.
  • ACCESSORIES : Inactive & Active Plate Electrodes.3, Ball tip Electrode with Handle.2 pair, Electrode WIRES.


Interferential current stimulation is effective upon the Nerves, Muscles, Arteries and Veins. The current is able to penetrate tissues to a much greater depth, with a soft stimulative effect, thus assuring an exclusive range of applications.

Standard Features:

  • Carrier Frequency : 2 KHz and 4 KHz.
  • Base AMF : 0 to 150 Hz.
  • Sweep AMF : 0 to 100 Hz.
  • Spectrum : 3 Position 1) Rectangular 1/1 s. 2) Trapezoidal 1/5 S. 3) Linear 6/6 S.
  • Therapy Mode : 2 pole, 4 pole vector
  • Intensity : 0-100 MA continuously adj.
  • Intensity Balance : Available.
  • Out-put : 3 digit indicator continuously indicates real patient current.
  • Timer : 0 To 99 minutes digital Timer.


Micro-Processor based,computerised ultrasound therapy unit gives you a choice of treatment modes Continuous or in Three Pulsed wave forms. The compact digital unit with built in timer and friendly control panel gives a wide range of treatment situations.

Standard Features:

  • Programme.: 24 Preset Programmes.
  • U.sound Frequency. : 1MHz.
  • Output Mode : Continuous & Pulsed.
  • Variable Pulsed Frequency. : 16Hz,48Hz, 99Hz.
  • Intensity, Continuous Mode, Pulsed Mode : 0 to 2 watts/cm sq.,0 to3 watts/cm sq.
  • Treatment Head : One.
  • Effective Area of Radiation : 5 sq. centimeters.
  • Treatment Timer : 1 to 60minutes, with buzzer at the end of time.
  • Accessories. : Ultra-sound Gel bottle.
  • Power Required : 220V.AC, 50 Hz.


High power medical diathermy incorporatinga high power transmitting oscillator value & soild state rectifiers; provides R.F.power upto 500 watts for intense deep tissue heating with out discomfort at the surface.Housed in an elegent MOBILE CABINET & designed to meet heavy wosk load ina hospital.

Standard Features:

  • Frequency : 27.12MHz.
  • Output. : Continous, maximum:500watts.
  • Intensity. : Adjustable,in 5 steps.
  • Electrodes. : One pair Condenser pads with felt spacer & cover. Size: 15cm x 25cm.
  • Tuning. : Manual, with tuning control knob.
  • Timer. : 30 minutes timer with Auto-cut.
  • Cooling. : With 10cm dia. instrumental fan.
  • Voltage. : 220-224V.
  • Accessories. : a, One, pair condenser Pads cable. b, One,Power Main cable. c, Spare Fuses. d, One, Shortwave Test Tube. e, Two Velcro Strap to tie/ hold condenser pads with the body. f,One, automatic voltage stabiliser.


The AutoSound automatically moves the ultrasound output with multiple crystals, Unit with a patented design allows 1MHz, 3MHz,outputs as a Hands-Free therapy.

Standard Features:

  • Strap the applicator in place for Hands-free Ultrasound at normal therapeutic level.
  • The unique 1 & 3 MHz frequency chain treatment allows you to sweep the entire tissue with deep and superficial therapeutic ultrasound in a single treatment.
  • The Auto Sound automatically moves the Ultrasound output at the ideal 4cm/second (never too slow nor too fast ) plus its unidirectional treatment angles.
  • Fitted with patient shut- off control for added safety.


Imported, light weight, pocket model, Two channel, Digital Tens, works on three AA battery cells. It utilizes solid state circuit to provide maximum reliability and stability.

Standard Features:

  • Six different stimulation modes
  • LCD display & digital operation.
  • Intensity adjustable to0-9.
  • Two channel output.
  • Preset 10 minutes Timer.
  • Large buttons for easy operation.
  • Maximum output 200 Hz for severe pain.

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