Wrist Support

RH1006 - Knuckle Bender Splint

Size : S, M, L

Feature :
  • Circular stainless steel spring maintains constant pressure.
  • Well padded, unbreakable, washable, reusable and economic.
  • To flex the meta carpo phallengeal joints of the hand.

RH1028 - Finger Splint Universal

Size : Universal

  • Multipurpose malleable finger splint useful for varieties of immobilizations.
  • Fitted with adjustable sliding velcro faster strips to suit individual needs.
  • Can be cut or bent as per the requirement of length..

RH401 - Finger Baseball Splint

Size : S, M, L

  • For protection and support to tip of finger
  • Its flaps fold to maintain the finger in fixed position.
  • To prevent contractures due to burns
  • In case of fractures and sprains

RH402 - Finger Cot

Size : S, M, L

  • V shaped malleable Aluminium splints designed for easy application
  • Poly foam padding for comfort
  • Fits any finger, meant to keep straight for given period of time.
  • Fractures of distal inter phallengeal joints
  • Collateral ligament injury of the distal inter phallengeal joint.
  • Protection from Nail bed injuries of fingers.

RH403 - Frog Splint

Size : S, M, L

  • Foam padded aluminium splint in unique shape to cover the dorsal surface of finger to remain open
  • Four extended arms to ensure good fitting.
  • Hyper flexion injuries
  • Swan neck deformity
  • To hold distal inter phallengeal joints in correct alignment
  • Collateral ligament injuries of distal inter phallengeal joint

RH405 - Finger Extension Splint

Size : Universal

  • Malleable aluminium used to keep interphallangeal joints in right position
  • Polyfoam padding for comfort
  • Fits any finger
  • Can be moulded by bare hands
  • Extensor tendon injuries of the finger
  • Collateral ligament injuries of the inter phallengeal joint
  • Boutonniere's deformity
  • Immobilization to the fractured finger

RH409 - Thumb Spica Splint

Size : Universal

  • High quality fabric with suede lining for comfort and durability
  • Allows performance of routine tasks in comfort as it limits extreme motion of the joint of the thumb.
  • Designed for patients with painful wrists and thumb tendentious
  • Splint provides light compression to assist in decreasing pain and relieving inflammation

RH416 - Wrist Brace with Thumb

Size : Universal

  • Thumb hole present to fit through the thumb to the wrist region
  • Sets of velcro present on elastic for adjustment.
  • Sprains and strains
  • Post trauma compression support.

RH417 - Wrist Brace With Double Lock

Size : S, M, L, XL

  • Elastic strap with two sets of velcro closures for better compression
  • Easy to apply and peel to open.
  • Sprain, strains post trauma compression support
  • Preventive support during sports activities.

Wrist And Forearm Splint

Size : S, M, L, XL (Left, Right)

  • Pre shaped splint for immobilization in dorsiflexion.
  • High quality fabric and foam padding for comfort wear.
  • Thumb flap with velcro closure.
  • Strain and sprain in the wrist.
  • Early cast removal.
  • Minor fractures of the wrist and distal forearm.
Item Code Type
RH418 Wrist And Forearm Splint, Left.
RH419 Wrist And Forearm Splint, Right.

RH423 - Tennis Elbow Support

Size : S, M, L, XL

  • Foam padded synthetic strap with velcro and buckle provision for proper fittings.
  • Tennis elbow syndrome or lateral epicondylitis.
  • Preventive care support for tennis elbow syndrome.

RH424A - Elbow Brace
  • Soft yarn and heat resistant rubber thread for comfortable and prolonged use.
  • Gives graduated compression.
  • Relieves discomfort from tired, aching or swollen elbow.
Item Code Type
RH424A-S Elbow Brace, 2 Way, Small
RH424A-M Elbow Brace, 2 Way, Medium
RH424A-L Elbow Brace, 2 Way, Large
RH424A-XL Elbow Brace, 2 Way, Extra Large (XL)
RH424B-S Elbow Brace, 4 Way, Small
RH424B-M Elbow Brace, 4 Way, Medium
RH424B-L Elbow Brace, 4 Way, Large
RH424B-XL Elbow Brace, 4 Way, Extra Large (XL)

RH425 - Finger Mallet Splint

Size : Universal

  • Splint keeps the finger joints in hyper extension.
  • Aluminium made with padding for comfort wear.
  • Hyper flexion injuries like mallet finger

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