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We are a global medical equipment exporter whose mission is to advance the well-being of people around the world. We provide Products List at very affordable price as we stock bulk quantities and we deal both in drop shipping and bulk shipping. Products List include Medical Disposables, Diagnostic Equipments, Laboratory and Surgical Devices among others.

We are shipping products in USA, UK, CHINA, VIETNAM, BRAZIL, THAILAND, CHILE and More.

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Revex Medical is an Export House that discovers and commercializes medical Specialty online in areas of unfulfilled medical needs across the globe. We directly cater to the needs of large, medium and small enterprises. We are a young company established in 2020 and since then we have been committed for the betterment of the lives of patients worldwide. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority which consistently helps us improve and grow.

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Emergency Medical Care 24/7

With access to 24 hour emergency assistance, It’s so important you can continue to help others.

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