Plastic Holloware

Jug, Measuring, Polypropylene, Graduated, Autoclavable
Item Code Capacity
P172.0250 250ml
P172.0500 500ml
P172.1000 1000ml
P172.2000 2000ml
P172.1015 1500ml

HH969 - Spitting Mug, Plastic

Standard Features:

  • Colour Available: Blue & White

HH967 - Feeding Cup, Adult

Standard Features:

  • Adult Polypropylene Cup, Graduated.
  • 200 ml., Lid with wide mouthed spout.
  • Autoclavable.

Bed Pan for Adult, Polypropylene

Standard Features:

  • Made of Polypropylene, Blue
Item Code Size
HH920 400 x 260 x 90mm (Autoclavable)
HH923 400 x 260 x 65mm (Sleek)

HH971 - Washing Bottle, Plastic

Standard Features:

  • Squeeze type, with bent delivery tube and vented screw cap.
  • Capacity: 250ml.

HH970 - Plastic Bottle, Plastic with Screw Cap

Standard Features:

  • Round form, narrow neck, capacity 1 litre.

HH965 - Thermometer Jar PP (without cover)

Standard Features:

  • Without Cover, Autoclavable.
  • Made of Polypropylene.
  • Internal Diameter: 30 mm.
  • Depth: 110 mm.
  • Overall Height: 120 mm.

HH966 - Forcep Jar PP (with cover)

Standard Features:

  • Made of Polypropylene, Autoclavable.
  • Internal Diameter: Approx. 54 mm.
  • Depth: 180 mm.
  • Overall Height: 200 mm.

Kidney Tray, Polypropylene, Autoclavable
Item Code Size
HH907 6"
HH900 8"
HH903 10''
HH902 10" With Handle
HH906 12"

Instrument Tray With Cover, Polypropylene
Item Code Size
P194.221570 Size 220x150x70mm
P194.451570 Size 450x150x70mm

HH931 - Polypropylene Tray with Compartment

Standard Features:

  • Size : 216L x 175W x 42H mm

Polypropylene Gallipot
Item Code Features
HH932a Polypropylene Gallipot, Dia 90mm, Cap. 280ml
HH932b Polypropylene Gallipot, Dia 65mm, Cap. 90ml

HH928 - Urinals, Graduated with Lid, made of clear PP, Autoclavable

Standard Features:

  • Dual use for male & female with easy fit female attachment

DC060 - Douche Can Set

Standard Features:

  • Plastic can 1500 ml with side outlet, plastic tube & douche fitting set.

HH982 - Bowl

Standard Features:

  • Bowl, Round Plastic, 6 litre

Bucket Plastic without Lid
Item Code Features
HH800 5 ltr., without lid
HH801 9 ltr., without lid
HH802 13 ltr., without lid
HH803 16 ltr., without lid
HH804 18 ltr., without lid
HH805 20 ltr., without lid
HH806 25 ltr., without lid

Bucket Plastic with Lid
Item Code Features
HH800L 5 ltr., with lid
HH801L 9 ltr., with lid
HH802L 13 ltr., with lid
HH803L 16 ltr., with lid
HH804L 18 ltr., with lid
HH805L 20 ltr., with lid
HH806L 25 ltr., with lid

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