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Disposable HIV Kit

DS85 - H.I.V KIT Disposable
Components Qty.
Proto Gown 1Pc.
Hood Cap 1Pc.
Shoe Legging (Knee Length 1Pair
Latex Gloves 1Pair
PE Sheet 1Pc.
Goggles 1Pc.
Carry Bag 1Pc.
Face Mask (with Bacterial Filter) 1 Pc.
Sterile, individually packed in peelable pouch pack.

DS680 - Male Circumcision Kit, Sterile
Components Qty.
Needle Holder 1Pc.
Suture Holder 1Pc.
Circumcision Forceps Hemostatic Cross Clamp 1Pc.
Mosquito Clamp Disposable Straight 1Pc.
Mosquito Clamp Disposable Curved 1Pc.
Non-Toothed Metal Tisssue Forceps 1Pc.
Disposable Scalpel 1Pc.
Stable Plastic Recycle Tray 1Pc.
Apron 2pcs.
Paranet Gauze 10cm x 10cm 1Pc.
Gauze Swabs 10x10 (12 ply) 20pcs.
Examination Gloves Large 1Pair
Examination Gloves Medium 1Pair
Sterile Non-powdered Surgical Gloves, Size 7.0 2Pairs
Sterile Non-powdered Surgical Gloves, Size 7.5 1Pair
Sterile Non-powdered Surgical Gloves, Size 8.0 1Pair
Alcohol Swabs 2pcs.
O-drape 1pc.
Needle 21g x 1.5 in 1pc.
Needle 23g x 1.5 in 1pc.
Suture Braided Synthetic : 26mm 2pcs.
Syringe 10ml 1pc.
Surgical Tape 1pc.
ETO Indicators 3pcs.
Crepe Paper, Wrapping 60x60cm 1pc.

DS685 - Circumcision Dorsal Kit, Sterile
Components Qty.
Needle holder and scissors: Combination 1Pc.
Needle : 21G 1Pc.
Needle : 25G 1Pc.
Metal tissue forceps : 13cm 1Pc.
Mosquito forceps : curved 1Pc.
Mosquito forceps : Straight 3 pcs.
Multipurpose tray : 28x19x3cm 1Pc.
Scapel : 11 cm 1Pc.
Surgical Gloves : Size 7.5 2Pairs
Surgical Gloves : Size 8.0 2Pairs
Examination Gloves : Large 1Pair
Circumcision forceps : 20cm 1pc.
Hemostatic forceps : 13-15cm 2 pcs.
O-drape 1 pc.
Paranet Guaze : 10x10cm 1 pc.
Surgical Tape : 12mm 1 pc.
Aprons 2 pcs.
Gauze : 12 ply 20 pcs.
Alcohol Swabs 2 pcs.
Syringe : 10ml 1 pc
Suture braided synthetic : 26mm 1 pc.
ETO Indicators 3 pcs.
Crepe paper, wrapping 60x60cm 1 pc.

DS782 - Delivery Kit
Components Qty.
Absorbent under pad 1 pc
Infant Receiver 1 pc.
Sterile powdered surgical gloves 7, 7.5 2 pairs
Umbilical Cord Clamps 2 pcs.
Mucus Extractor 1 pc.
Scalpel Blade with Handle 1 pc.
Surgical spirit 100 ml bottle 1 pc.
Antiseptic soap 75 gm 1 pc.
Cotton Wool 1 pc.
Bottle of Disinfectant, 100ml 1 pc.
Gauze Swabs 10x10 (12 ply) 5 pcs.
Maternity Pads 10 pcs.
Packed in Poly Bag

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