Sterilization Pouches / Rolls - Orange Series

Sterilization Flat Roll
Code Size
AU5020A 50mm x 200m
AU5020B 55mm x 200m
AU5020C 75mm x 200m
AU5020D 100mm x 200m
AU5020E 120mm x 200m
AU5020F 125mm x 200m
AU5020G 150mm x 200m
AU5020H 200mm x 200m
AU5020I 250mm x 200m
AU5020J 300mm x 200m
AU5020K 350mm x 200m
AU5020L 400mm x 200m

Sterilization Gusseted Roll
Code Size
AU7510A 75mm x 100m
AU7510B 100mm x 100m
AU7510C 120mm x 100m
AU7510D 125mm x 100m
AU7510E 150mm x 100m
AU7510F 200mm x 100m
AU7510G 250mm x 100m
AU7510H 300mm x 100m
AU7510I 350mm x 100m
AU7510J 400mm x 100m
AU7510K 450mm x 100m
AU7510L 500mm x 100m

TYVEK ® Sterilization Roll
Code Size
AU2500A 50mm x 200m
AU2500B 75mm x 100m
AU2500C 100mm x 100m
AU2500D 120mm x 100m
AU2500E 125mm x 100m
AU2500F 150mm x 100m
AU2500G 200mm x 100m
AU2500H 250mm x 100m
AU2500I 300mm x 100m
AU2500J 350mm x 100m
AU2500K 400mm x 100m
AU2500L 500mm x 100m
AU2500M 600mm x 100m

Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch
Code Size
AU3530A 57mm x 130mm
AU3530B 90mm x 165mm
AU3530C 70mm x 260mm
AU3530D 90mm x 260mm
AU3530E 135mm x 280mm
AU3530F 190mm x 360mm
AU3530G 190mm x 360mm
AU3530H 200mm x 320mm
AU3530I 200mm x 360mm
AU3530J 230mm x 395mm
AU3530K 305mm x 430mm
AU3530L 400mm x 535mm
AU3530M 500mm x 630mm

Heat Sealing Sterilization Pouch
Code Size
AU3531A 7.5cmx26cm
AU3531B 10cmX 15cm
AU3531C 10cm X 25cm
AU3531D 15cm X 20cm
AU3531E 20cm X 25cm
AU3531F 30cm X 40cm
AU3531G 30cm X 50cm
AU3531H 30cm X 60cm
AU3531I 20cm X 40cm
AU3531J 8cm X 25cm
AU3531K 8cm X 12cm
AU3531L 25cm X 35cm
AU3531M 10cm X 20cm

Sterilization Indicator Tape

Standard Features:

  • Used for saturated vapour sterilization.
  • Printed with continued and defined lines.
  • Printed with lead free ink, with special indicator, changed to brownish black, after steam sterilization.
  • Adheres to cloth, paper and plastic wrapping.
  • Maintains adhesion to the surface after sterilization process.
Code Size
AU3002A 12mm X 50mm
AU3002B 19mmX 50mm
AU3002C 25mm X 50mm
AU3002D 12mm X 55mm
AU3002E 19mm X 55mm
AU3002F 25mm X 55mm

Sterilization Indicator Strip
  • Clearly Contrasting color changes before and after sterilization which helps to detect malfunction or errors when loading a sterilizer.

Table for change of color indication

Sterilization method Initial color Change to
Vapour Yellow Grey / Black
Hydrogen peroxide Red Yellow
Ethylene oxide Red Blue
Formaldehyde Orange Yellow
Code Size
AU1900A 15mm X 100mm
AU1900B 18mmX 105mm
AU1900C 18mm X 210mm
AU1900D 21mm X 109mm
AU1900E 20mm X 75mm
AU1900F 25mm X 60mm

Gusseted Sterilization Paper Bags
  • Made from medical grade paper.
  • Double folded at bottom sealing side to avoid leaking or opening.
  • Suitable for steam sterilization.
Code Size
AU2115A 90X50X150mm
AU2115B 90X50X250mm
AU2115C 110X30X190mm
AU2115D 110X45X190mm
AU2115E 140X75X250mm
AU2115F 140X50X330mm
AU2115G 180X95X385mm
AU2115H 190X55X330mm

Non Woven Fabric Wrap
  • Multi Layer Spunbond And Meltblown.
  • High Strength And Barrier.
  • Suitable For Steam, Eo, Gas And Plasma Sterilization.
Code Size
AU3020A 20cm X 20cm
AU3020B 30cm X 30cm
AU3020C 35cm X 35cm
AU3020D 40cm X 40cm
AU3020E 45cm X 45cm
AU3020F 50cm X 50cm
AU3020G 60cm X 60cm
AU3020H 75cm X 75cm
AU3020I 80cm X 80cm
AU3020J 90cm X 90cm
AU3020K 100cm X 100cm
AU3020L 120cm X 120cm
AU3020M 140cm X 140cm
AU3020N 120cm X 140cm
AU3020O 120cm X 160cm
AU3020P 120cm X 180cm
AU3020Q 140cm X 160cm
AU3020R 140cm X 180cm

Medical Crepe Paper
  • 60gsm standard paper made from bleached virgin wood pulp.
  • Medical grade crepe paper to increase flexibility.
  • Suitable for steam, EO gas and radiation sterilization.
  • Available in blue, green or white.
Code Size
AU6110A 20cm X 20cm
AU6110B 30cm X 30cm
AU6110C 35cm X 35cm
AU6110D 40cm X 40cm
AU6110E 45cm X 45cm
AU6110F 50cm X 50cm
AU6110G 60cm X 60cm
AU6110H 75cm X 75cm
AU6110I 80cm X 80cm
AU6110J 90cm X 90cm
AU6110K 100cm X 100cm
AU6110L 120cm X 120cm
AU6110M 140cm X 140cm
AU6110N 120cm X 140cm
AU6110O 120cm X 160cm
AU6110P 120cm X 180cm
AU6110Q 140cm X 160cm
AU6110R 140cm X 180cm

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