Exercise Equipments


This complete exercising unit comes with following attachments for administration of accurately controlled progressive resistive and also passive and stretching exercises to all major muscle and restoration of motion to all major joints with the exception of those of the fingers and toes. This unit has attachments for neck knee and hip flexion and extension, trunk flexion, ankle plantar and doorsiflexion, everation and inversion, internal and external rotation, adduction or abduction of the hips, shoulder exercises and hyper extension, exercises of the back.

The unit is 78" long 32" wide and the table is 34" high. The foam padded table is mounted on a tubular frame. Complete unit consists of one table, weight pan assembly and the following attachments and accessories.

Standard Features:

  • Nirmal ankle and leg exerciser - 1,
  • Alu. Quadriceps boot adult and child - 2 each,
  • Alu. foot drop boot adult and child - 1 each,
  • Small Weight Pan - 1,
  • Supination and Pronation wheel-1,
  • Cast Iron Weight Plates;1kg,2kg,3kg, - 4 each,
  • Hip rotation attachment -1,
  • Abdominal & back exercise shoulder straps adult & child - 1 each,
  • Pelvic rest -1,
  • Quadricepsrest - 1,
  • Head harness - 2,
  • Wrist Cuff - 2,
  • Ankle cuff-2,
  • Aluminium bar 48"and 24"- 1 each,
  • Alum. bar 18" - 2,
  • Alu. collars - 12, Wire handles - 2,
  • Cast iron weight plates; 1kg, 2kg, 3kg- 6 each, 5kg -2,
  • Wooden cabinet for storage - 1.


Bright polished Teakwood construction,suitable for Shoulder, Elbow, Chest and lower limb exercises.

Unit Consists of the following attachments.

Standard Features:

  • Wall bars 240 cm high x 75 cm wide.
  • Detachable wrist roller with side handle for supination and pronation exercises.
  • Removeable rowing machine cum sliding seat.
  • Unit is fitted with 12 pulleys and Two sets of locking weights (10, one kilo plates in each set) that allows effective weight resistive exercises at different levels.


Speciffically designed chair, which require little space and can be used in small therapy departments where space is .

Tubular steel constructed chair of 100 cm long x 67 cm wide is fitted with overhead bar that extends out 80cm from the frame. The chair with two stabilizing straps, three handles two foot straps, ropes with pulleys and overhead pulley system can be used for variety of exercises involving Reciprocal Motion for Elbow, Shoulder, Knees and Hips; Active Quadriceps and Hamstrings Stretching; Resistive and Assistive exercises.

The set of Ten locking weights provides graded resistance for all exercises. Spray enamel finish.

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